Transfer WhatsApp History Effortlessly and Selectively

When you have more than one device or just want to change your old device with a new one, you can use this program to selectively transfer your WhatsApp chat history between your iPhone and iPad. After switching to an Android device, it also can help to transfer WhatsApp conversations from iPhone/iPad to your new Android device. Any item you want, including attachments.

Backup or Export WhatsApp Conversations

It makes the backup of your WhatsApp history much easier than ever. Connecting your iPhone/iPad and performing one click, the backup works by itself. Besides, you can preview and check any item you want and export it to your computer as an HTML file for reading or printing.

Restore WhatsApp Backup to iOS/Android Devices

Speaking of the WhatsApp backup files, you can delete them from your computer if you don't want to keep them, and you can restore them to your iPhone/iPad or Android devices when there is such a need. It can be done within one click.

100% Secure

Read-Only Mode

It only reads the data, no data at risk.


100% safe software, no harm to your computer or device.

Easy to Use

It's available to anyone, no tech knowledge asked.

30 Day Free Trial

You can try the software for free for 30 days.

Loved by Over 50 Million Customers

 I bought a new Huawei P30, the hardest part is how to transfer old WhatsApp history from my iPhone. So many WhatsApp messages threads and I don't wanna lose them. It's just this tool that helped me, so considerate!

By Mathews 2019.04   

Guide: How to install or uninstall the software