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Dr.Fone - Transfer (Android): How To

Launch Dr.Fone and connect your Android phone or tablet to PC. Your Android device will be recognized and displayed in the primary window. No matter you transfer photos, videos or music, the steps are similar. Here we will take photos as an example.

Transfer Android Photos with PC

Transfer Photos/video/music from Computer to Android

Video Tutorial: How to Transfer Photos/Video/Music between Computer and Android

Step 1. Click Photos tab. All the albums will be displayed on the left. Select one folder to store new added photos on your phone.

Transfer Android Photos with PC

Step 2. Click Add > Add File or Add Folder.

Transfer Photos from Computer to Android

If you only want to select some photos, then click Add File. You can creat new albums and add photos in it. Simply right-click the photos category on the left panel, then click New Album.
If you want to tranfer all the photos in one folder, then click Add Folder.

Transfer Photos from Computer to Android

Step 3. Select photos or photo folders and add to your Android device. Hold down Shift or Ctrl key to choose multiple photos

Export Photos/video/music from Android to Computer

Video Tutorial: How to Export Photos from Android to Computer

Step 1. In the Photo management window, choose your desired photos and click Export > Export to PC.

Export Photos from Android to Computer

Step 2. This brings up your file browser window. Select a save path to store the photos from your Android device to computer.

You can also transfer the whole photo album from Android to PC.

Transfer Anroid Photo Album to Computer

Except for exporting the photos to PC, it also supports to export the photos to another iOS or Android device. Connect the target device to the computer and select it as the export path, all selected photos will be transffered to the target phone.

Backup Android Photos to PC